Propane Tank Expired?

Those who know me, know that i love to Grill, Smoke meat, cook outdoors……

I grill year round.  I also always have a spare propane tank for that quick change just incase i run out in the middle of a cookout (Memorial Day ’93).  Anyway, today with spring coming it was time to refill my tanks.  I like to keep my own tanks. I have had two for years.

Today, as with years before, I pulled up to have them refilled.  The attendant told me that DOT since the first of the year required that no tank older than 10 years can be refilled.  Seriously!  Good or Bad, Wise or Stupid.  I now have two useless Cylinders.

IMG_20170307_160456961 Note the numbers on top.  i have had this tank since 1998.  Until today.

Luckily there is a pretty easy solution.  After feeling oppressed by the man, i went to the local box store and traded them in for already filled units.  i have lost my tanks but i was able to grill my Pork chops tonight.

Anyway, before you get caught in a rush with half cooked food on the grill, know that the rules have changed!

Happy Grilling!


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