Is now a good time?

Good Question.  The answer depends on your needs.  do you need a place to live now?  Do you have the opportunity to benefit from being a first-time buyer.  If you sell now is you property well maintained to command top dollar, and your next home could be found under value and you could get a better interest rate.  net gain.  how long will you live in the home?  To invest,  there are values out there.  Are the other options out there a better place to put your money?  For Fort Collins, CSU reportedly has plans to increase the # in students by over 5k in the near future.  Where will they stay?  How about the extra staff and faculty?  This is why it is imperative to talk with a professional, and not get your information from a newsreader from across the country.  Real Estate is local!  Ask for numbers.



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