Propane Tank Expired?

Those who know me, know that i love to Grill, Smoke meat, cook outdoors……

I grill year round.  I also always have a spare propane tank for that quick change just incase i run out in the middle of a cookout (Memorial Day ’93).  Anyway, today with spring coming it was time to refill my tanks.  I like to keep my own tanks. I have had two for years.

Today, as with years before, I pulled up to have them refilled.  The attendant told me that DOT since the first of the year required that no tank older than 10 years can be refilled.  Seriously!  Good or Bad, Wise or Stupid.  I now have two useless Cylinders.

IMG_20170307_160456961 Note the numbers on top.  i have had this tank since 1998.  Until today.

Luckily there is a pretty easy solution.  After feeling oppressed by the man, i went to the local box store and traded them in for already filled units.  i have lost my tanks but i was able to grill my Pork chops tonight.

Anyway, before you get caught in a rush with half cooked food on the grill, know that the rules have changed!

Happy Grilling!


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Market Action Report 80526 2016

December Property sales were 31, down -31.1% from 45 in December of 2015 and 34.8% higher than the 23 sales last month. December 2016 sales were at their lowest level compared to December of 2015 and 2014. December YTD sales of 466 are running -16.9% behind last year’s year-to-date sales of 561.

For the Full report  market-action-report-80526-2016

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80526 Jan 2017 Market Report

Here is an updated Market Report summarizing current real estate activity in your area. This data is based on current information from the regional Multiple Listing Service. If you need clarification on any of the figures or if you wish to receive a more detailed version which takes into account the particulars of your home, please contact me directly and I will be happy to provide a comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).
Avg. Days on Market: 35 Days
Listings Currently for Sale: 58
Newest Listing: 01/20/2017
Shortest/Longest: 2 Days / 103 Days
Avg. Days to Sell: 52 Days
Total Sales: 42
Last Sale: 01/20/2017
Shortest/Longest: 23 Days / 91 Days
Months of Supply: 2.9**
**Estimated time to sell current listing inventory.
6 months is considered a balanced market

For a full report Click Here


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Brown Farm Stats December 2016

December 2016 | Single Family Homes
Market Month to Date Year to Date
Summary December 2016 December 2015 Percent Change Year-To-Date 2016 Year-To-Date 2015 Percent Change
New Listings 2 1 100% 41 49 -16.33%
Sold Listings 4 7 -42.86% 40 49 -18.37%
Median Listing Price $325,000 $285,000 14.04% $309,950 $272,500 13.74%
Median Selling Price $327,500 $285,000 14.91% $314,750 $284,500 10.63%
Median Days on Market 66 48 37.5% 45 44 2.27%
List/Sell Price Ratio 100% 100.9% -0.85% 101.7% 102.2% -0.44%
Average Listing Price $324,875 $274,257 18.46% $314,430 $272,989 15.18%
Average Selling Price $324,625 $276,000 17.62% $319,381 $279,068 14.45%
Average Days on Market 81 68 19.12% 48 50 -4%

For a complete report Brown Farm Stats Dec 16


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Saddle Ridge Condos Market Stats

2015 was a remarkable year for Condo sales in Fort Collins and one of the most significant beneficiaries are the owner in the Saddle Ridge development.

Condos in the Saddle Ridge subdivision have appreciated significantly over the last few years.  Since Spring of 2013 one and three bedroom units have increased in Value about 31% while two bedroom units have increased around 37%. 

Prior to 2013 values remained fairly flat for the previous 4 or so years.

I have included a chart with the recent sales to demonstrate what recent activity has looked like.

Now may be the time you would like to ask some questions as to if it may be the time to reevaluate this investment.  Whether you may be interested in a refinance, asset reallocation, cash out or 1031 exchange I would urge you to contact me with any questions or if you would just like to talk about your property.

Sales data From reported information on IRES MLS

2015 Sales Chart

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Wellington, CO end of year market report 2015

2015 was a highly active year in the Wellington Real Estate market. There were 377 single family home sales with the Median Price being $262,500 up 15% from the previous year.

New Construction has also been strong with build times ranging from 3-6 months generally.

Some other big news is the City Park in the North part of town is near completion with the ball parks pretty much ready to go.

Check out the Market Action report.Market Activity Dec 2015 80549

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Market Action September 2015 Fort Collins 80526

Fort Collins Colorado Market data for 80526 September 2015.  Data Shows average sale price up 17%.  What does that mean?  Check out all the numbers.  Lets talk!


80526 Pic Market Action Sept 15 80526

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Thinking Renovation?

When it pays to remodel your home — and when it doesn’t!

Anyone can offer a list…I am offering an Answer.


I have spoken with several people who have decided that they want to remodel their home.  They ask me, “What should we do to add value to our home?”  With any Question it seems that another question is the best reply.  Are you looking for Return On Investment (ROI) or Quality of life?  Usually they look at me like a puzzled cat.

Many people see the TV shows adding value to the bottom line.  6 weeks or 6 months compressed into an hour or less ID an issue, it gets messy, a little drama, then all is shiny and new.  Renovation is that and really so much more.  Why do you want to renovate?  Do you want to update the kitchen to make it something you have always wanted for the purpose of enjoying it for 15 years or are you remodeling for the next owner?  There are so many ways to improve the functionality of a home while spending money wisely and at least as many ways to miss the mark and actually cost you money in the long run.

The questions you need to ask are fairly constant, but too many times I only visit with people after they complete a project.  It turns out they asked what do I want or what can I afford.  They often skip the Why or the What’s next.  When someone tells me “I spent $10,000 to Renovate my…………..” and I have to tell them that the work was well done but you and one other person will see the value there because it is personalized, they are generally crushed.

Here is what I offer:  Allow me to spend the amount of time it takes to watch a home improvement show and evaluate what you might do and why you might do it.  This is a Complimentary service to homeowners in Northern Colorado who really want to make informed decisions.  Sometimes the highest ROI is to do nothing while it may be that enjoying a space for the next several years could be Priceless.

A note about me.  I have personally done most of the renovation projects that you might consider doing yourself or contract to have done.  I also help folks daily who are looking to sell or buy homes.  I see plenty of homes, some well renovated while others are not well done at all.

Call, Text or email for next available consultation


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80526 Market Activity Fort Collins CO Through Feb 2015

The Fort Collins market has been highlighted with shrinking inventory numbers.  Home values have increased by more than 10% over the previous year.  Review the following report.

Market Quest FC Icon

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Fort Collins Homes March 2015 80526 Neighborhood Report

Updated neighborhood report for Fort Collins, CO 80526

Neighbor pic

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