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Fort Collins Values HotSheet for 11 Nov. 11

 This is the Fort Collins Real Estate HotSheet for 11/11/11.  A list of New Homes For sale this week.  Included in this list are also two investment properties.

Price StName ZipCode Bdrm Bath TotalSqFt GarSpaces
$235,000.00 Debra 80525 1958 Duplex
$169,900.00 Chetwood 80526 2 2 1257 1
$275,000.00 Last Chance 80525 3 3 3266 2
$139,900.00 Elizabeth 80521 2 2 1134 1
$259,000.00 Corydalis 80526 3 4 2440 2
$265,000.00 Buchanan 80525 4 4 2971 2
$175,000.00 Colony Hills 80525 3 2 1251 1
$285,000.00 Barbuda 80525 3 3 2534 2
$310,000.00 Saddle Creek 80528 3 3 2767 3
$279,500.00 Live Oak 80525 4 4 2708 2
$210,000.00 Marquette 80525 4 2 1680 2
$189,000.00 Luke 80524 Com.
$199,500.00 Clipper 80524 4 3 1776 2
$425,000.00 Rolling Gate 80526 3 3 4420 3
$425,000.00 Turnberry 80524 3 3 2110 2
$395,000.00 Pheasant 80525 4 4 3593 3
$130,000.00 10th 80524 5 2 1880 1

For more information and any questions please call or text at 970 631-3226 or email at David@DavidTimmHomes.com

**Please note **

The Fort Collins Values Hotsheet is comprised of properties which are available at the time the article is published.  Inventory is constantly changing and this report is no indication of future availability. All properties selected for this list are deemed to be of noteworthy value.  Value may be a home is well under market value for a neighborhood, or well above the condition or finish of nearby homes.  The value could mean the
home may need work or the work is done and possibly overdone. Simply, it is based on the professional opinion of the Author that these properties could be a good value if the details of a property fit the particular needs of a buyer.

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Why Fort Collins?

Someone asked my today, “What is the number one reason to invest in Fort Collins Real Estate ?”

This is going to take some time to find THE one best reason to Buy Real Estate in Fort Collins.  Is it that publication after publication say Fort Collins is the best place to live or Fort Collins is a great place to retire,  we have a Dog friendly community, Bicycle friendly community with over a hundered miles of Bike trails.  We have the scenic Poudre River flowing through the city.  Outdoor recreation abounds nearby, hiking, fishing, river rafting, and boating just to name a few.  Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes park are only an hour away.   The Visual and Performing Arts communities are strong in Fort Collins. 

Could it be the Poudre School District whose scores consisnatly beat state and national achievemnt.  Front Range community College has a campus here. And the highly regarded Colorado State University resides in Fort Collins.  Is it the 300 days of sunshine on average?

Is the best reason to buy the current values in the market?  Maybe the interest rates are still low.  Buying real estate for the purpose of investing instead of putting money in the stock market.

I would say that all of those are good reasons.  I would suggest that the number one reason to buy a home is you need a place to live and your finances are firm enough to commit to a long term investment as well as a place for your and your families Quiet enjoyment.



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